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For those who are going to start a family

Family Creation Procedure


In Appendix 1 to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated November 14, 2016 No. 387 of the Rules for the Registration of Civil Status Acts.


This is also mentioned in the Family Code of 04/30/1998 of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Marriage registration

Order, time and place of marriage registration


According to articles 14 and 15 of the Family Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the main conditions of marriage are the mutual consent of the spouses and their attainment of marriageable age.


If there are good reasons (pregnancy, childbirth, declaration of a minor as fully capable - emancipation) at the request of persons wishing to marry, in exceptional cases the age of marriage can be reduced by the khokim of the district or city of residence no more than by one year.


Those who wish to marry are registered one month after the filing date of the application at the registrar's office in the place of residence of one of them.


When the registry office submits an application for marriage registration, a referral for medical examination is issued in the prescribed manner, with the exception of cases provided for in paragraph 2 of Article 17 of the Family Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


At the same time, married persons under the age of fifty must undergo a medical examination for HIV.


In exceptional cases (if parents and young people entering into marriage live in the Republic of Uzbekistan or abroad), at the request of a married person, and at the written request of his father or mother, the marriage can be registered at the registry office at the place of residence of one or both parents.


The registrar can reduce the period to one month, if there are good reasons, and at the request of the applicants.


At the same time, a birth certificate of the children, a medical certificate of pregnancy of the bride, a certificate of a business trip and other documents confirming good reasons are provided.


Renewal of marriage registration will be considered at the joint request of marriage partners. In some cases, this period may be extended to three months, if there is sufficient reason, and at the initiative of the registry office.


The application form is filled out on the basis of documents proving the identity of the spouses, and should contain clear and complete answers to all questions. The application must be clearly and clearly written.


Upon receipt of the application, the registry office must explain the conditions of marriage, their rights and obligations as a married couple and parents, and make sure that they know each other's health and marital status.


Marriages are warned of the consequences of concealing circumstances that interfere with the marriage.


If those entering into marriage have joint children who do not have paternity, then the registry office will explain to them the procedure for establishing paternity.


Since the law prohibits even married couples who are registered to marry, the registration authority must check the legal status of applicants at the time of filing the application.


Since the law prohibits marriage, if one of the marriages has a previously registered marriage, at the time of receipt of the application in the registry office, it is necessary to check the legal status of the applicants' marriage on the basis of documents proving their identity.


A person who has previously been married must submit a document to the registry office confirming that his previous marriage was dissolved. This may be a certificate of divorce or a court decision, a death certificate of a husband (wife), or a court decision that the marriage is invalid.

According to article 16 of the Family Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, marriage is not allowed:

if at least one side is married (married);

between relatives, between siblings and step-parents, as well as between adoptive parents and adoptive children;

at least one of the persons recognized by the court as legally incompetent for mental disorders (mental illness or mental retardation).

When registering the time of marriage, the registry office should determine the consent of the spouses to the ceremony, including on-site visits. Solemn registration in or registration with departure to the place is possible only at the request of the newlyweds. A marriage is registered with the participation of their relatives and friends at the request of the newlyweds. Witnesses may be present at registration of marriage in the amount indicated by the couple.

When applying for marriage, you must provide identification documents, such as a passport, military card or military ID.

If a soldier wishing to marry submits an application for marriage at the duty station, then the address of the relevant military unit or institution is his or her place of residence.

If for any reason the couple cannot come at the same time, one of them can submit an application to the registry office, in which case the signature of the absent person must be certified in the prescribed manner.

The application for marriage should be registered in a special ledger in which applications are recorded.

Registration of marriage

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