• Phone number:+99871 239-40-42
  • Address: Mirzo Ulugbek district, st. Mirzakalon Ismoiliy 1G
  • Helpline: 1146
  • Work days: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday-Friday

Activity of center


Activities of the Centers for the Social Adaptation of Women.

Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 2, 2018 PF-5325 “On measures to radically improve activities in the field of supporting women and strengthening the institution of the family” defines the provision of targeted assistance to women in difficult social situations in the regions.


Work was carried out on the phased creation of rehabilitation and adaptation centers for women's committees; in total, there are currently 136 centers. Communities of psychologists, lawyers, social workers and medical workers work in each center.


Since September 1 of this year, a short “hot line 1146” has been launched in these centers to provide urgent assistance to women who have been abused in difficult situations or in times of crisis. Since the launch of the hotline, more than 10,000 calls on various topics have been made.


As of December 10, 2018, 5556 women turned to the “Rehabilitation and Adaptation Center for Victims and Suicide Prevention Centers” throughout the country.


Of these, 707 are in difficult and crisis situations, and the Center for Social Adaptation has taken all necessary measures to help them cope.

860 women were explained about their rights and the procedure for applying to law enforcement bodies or to a court for divorce and alimony

1,156 women received medical care

1115 women got jobs

248 housewives received loans for entrepreneurship and crafts

1483 women were returned to their families with the participation of the “reconciliation commission” in the mahallas.


The goal of the Center for the Social Adaptation of Women is to assist women in addressing and ensuring full social and medical adaptation. To achieve this, the Women's Committee provided a building for the Center for the Social Adaptation of Women with the participation of government agencies and entrepreneurs.


The Center for the Social Adaptation of Women has developed a list of specialists working with women in all regions and districts and strengthening moral and spiritual moral values ​​in families; a line has been drawn up at the Center for the Social Adaptation of Women, from organizations in the healthcare system where there is a need for medical assistance and the treatment resolved issues of operational recruitment of medical personnel, organized a schedule of psychologists from organizations and institutions of the district and lawyers from lawyers.


It is planned to attract specialists from educational centers, healthcare institutions, representatives of research institutes and centers, non-governmental organizations, as well as foreign experts, to request and receive in the manner prescribed by law the necessary information from ministries, departments, law enforcement agencies as part of the tasks assigned to the Center for Social Adaptation women, to participate in the development of draft laws and other normative legal acts, programs in the field of protection of rights and interests omen, generate research programs in the field of social adaptation of women and get funding for their implementation, to participate in international cooperation programs, to carry out charitable activities, research projects, together with the funds, centers and educational institutions.

The Center informs and announces (in public places, public places, on billboards), and also distributes business cards to all citizens ’meetings, organizations and institutions in the area, reporting on its activities, location and phone numbers, names, addresses, mobile and work numbers telephones, as well as helpline numbers (mobile and work phones of specialists) have entered into force.


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