• Phone number:+99871 239-40-42
  • Address: Mirzo Ulugbek district, st. Mirzakalon Ismoiliy 1G
  • Helpline: 1146
  • Work days: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Monday-Friday

About the "Qizlarjon" Club

About the Qizlarjon Club


In all educational institutions, makhallas, enterprises and organizations of the country there are Qizlarjon clubs based on the community with the aim of increasing the spirituality of young girls, increasing the number of talented girls.


In the academic year 2018-2019, a unified Qizlarjon club plan was sent to the regions to coordinate and improve the club’s activities and promote the best practices of the Women's Committee.


The main goal of the clubs is to educate girls on the principles of morality, prepare them for the family, train professions, improve the culture of clothing and communication, promote a healthy lifestyle, protect your mind and heart from various ideological threats.


Thanks to the activities of the Qizlarjon club, the number of active and talented girls is expanding, their cooperation is being strengthened, their education in the spirit of our people, respect for national values ​​and ideas of independence, preparation for family life, and the influence of various foreign ideas of "mass culture" is prevented.


Classes are designed to provide students and girls with a complete rest, housekeeping, sewing and the skills necessary to prepare for an independent life, and conditions have been created for maintaining hygiene and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Particular attention is paid to the promotional activities of club leaders under the motto "Tengdosh-tengdoshga." Thus, each girl strives to be an advanced student, actively engaged in studies and social work.


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